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A new study states: children born in September are smarter than others





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The US National Bureau Of Economic Research published a study in 2017 named: "School starting age and cognitive development". According to the study, children born in September are smarter than other children.

The study showed that children who were born in September are usually the adults in their age group when they start school. This gives them another year of development compared to their friends. The general focus of the study was to assess how children who are usually older at school will succeed in their scholastic performance. The cognitive development of children born in September was compared to other children in the same school. This includes children born in August, who were usually the youngest in their class.

The study was conducted in Florida, the United States, with 1.2 million children aged 6 to 15 taking part. Children born in September had the highest average grade in school in each age group. The idea is that the extra 12 months of social, cognitive, and emotional development before school started played a major role.

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In general, they are older than their classmates. In addition, they may be in a better place to deal with studies and can identify more easily with others. They are usually less connected to their parents and eagerly await school.

These things are perhaps what gives them the advantage compared to their friends. The study also notes that children born in September will be more likely to be admitted to a better academic institution and their chance to engage in crime or things that are against the law is much lower.

There are other factors that can contribute to a child's intelligence and focus. This includes economic status, parental influence, socioeconomic status, and, finally, the age of the child.

According to the study, children from wealthy families usually start school a year later, and thus have a cognitive advantage when they enter the school. This late start of school provides them with an opportunity to develop socially, emotionally and mentally.

About 4-5.5% of the children in the United States enter kindergarten one year after the average age. This method used by some families is designed to provide children with an academic advantage. Because they can grow physically and mentally during this year, it can help them. According to the study.

"While more financially empowered families are delay their children's entry into the kindergarten to give them a competitive advantage, this is why we can see differences in pre-school readiness among low socio-economic families and families with better economic potential".

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When children have academic difficulties, parents sometimes take them out of the kindergarten. They may enter a special program or be sent for another year in a special kindergarten before returning to the regular kindergarten.

If a child stays another year deliberately, the result will usually be the same. Which is usually positive for the child.

If you have a child born in September, there is something else that might interest you. The study shows that they usually return home with better grades, are admitted to better academic institutions and have a smaller chance of arrest. When you stop to think about it, it is not really related to the month the child is born, but to the month when the studies begin.

The study examined a large portion of the population, but the results are inconclusive. There will always be exceptions. You have to look beyond the research. If you have children who were not born in September, you shouldn't be concerned. If you provide them with attention, love and concern, they will be fine.


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