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New study claims: Kids inherit their intelligence from their mother, not father





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Throughout history, men have always been described as rational, logical, and with a reasonable thinking.

But new researches found that the "intellectual genes" are being inherit in every generation from the mother - and not from both parents, as they used to think.

New study has found that intelligence comes from the woman's X chromosome. The fact that intelligence has a hereditary element is a known fact, but genes have always been inherited from both parents.

The website Psychology Spot describes how a few researches arrived to the same conclusion: kids inherit their intelligence from the mother because intelligence exists in the X chromosome.

"Interestingly, some of the genes affected work only if they come from the mother. If the same gene came from the father, it will become inactive. Of course, other genes work also, but they are activated only if they come from the father", the study says.

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According to the researchers, genes work in different ways depending on where they come from. Some are only activated if they come from a specific gender. So even if a child has a very smart father, it has nothing to do with the wisdom and intelligence of the child - because the genes of the father's intelligence are neutralized by the mother's chromosomes.

Moreover, genes with important components in intelligence are not entirely essential. The researchers showed that only about 40-60 percent of a person's intelligence is hereditary.

The remaining part is determined by the environment in which the child grows, the extent to which his brain is stimulated, and the child's personal characteristics.


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