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A widower ordered a meal in a restaurant, looked at the change the cashier had given him and froze immediately





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There are moments in life that really happen against all odds, that are so unreasonable, that they leave us without words.

It is experiences like those that give many people the belief that there is a higher power that is watching us all, dictating when and where good or bad things will happen to us.

While we are not 100 percent certain there is a God, Peter's story has certainly been able to convince many. Born in Sicily, Italy, Peter moved to the United States in the early 1960s when he was a little boy.

After leaving to another country, Peter would often return to visit his parents in Italy. On one visit there, his mother introduced him with a young woman who had became his twin soul.

Peter decided she was the one for him. So the two married and moved to the United States, and established a home in Hartford, Connecticut. They had two children and four grandchildren, and they lived a happy life.

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Peter said, "So I put them in my wallet and said, 'These dollar bills will stay in my wallet forever'".

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Unfortunately, five years later he accidentally used these dollar bills. "I was so angry with myself, I'm so sorry. I said, 'I'll never see these dollar bills again'".

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Together, Peter and Grace celebrated their 50th anniversary with family and friends. Unfortunately, Grace died a few months later, leaving behind the broken-hearted Peter.

Then, a magical thing happened seven months after she passed away. For him, it was a sign that Grace was still with him, still guarding him.

Traveling to the branch of the fast-food restaurant chain Subway, along with his granddaughter, he received a surplus of three dollar bills and remained speechless. One of the bills was the same dollar bill that Grace signed long time ago.

For Peter, this was a way to heal his broken heart. He said, "I never thought I'd get this dollar bill back. The first thing I said was, 'Grace, she did it to make me happy again and to be happy too'".

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Peter went to Grace's grave and told her what had happened. He said that from now on the family believes in miracles.

For more details about this heart warming story, watch the video below:

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How can such a story not warm the heart? We wish Peter all the best in the world, and we are happy that he received his little miracle.

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