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Two motorcyclists found a chewed cage in middle of an abandoned field, looked inside and were horrified by what they saw





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On a cold winter day in January, Bert Winingar and his son Zach set out on a relaxed ride on their motorcycles in the beautiful views of Arkansas.

But suddenly the two noticed a hidden object not far from them, in a field next to the road. Something told them they must stop the motorcycles and go check out this strange object.

Bret and Zach saw that there was a carrier cage lying in the middle of the field. Large parts of the cage were ripped apart - as if there was something inside and it was desperate to get out..

But nothing could prepare them for what they were going to discover inside ...

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It was a cold winter day when Bert Winingar and his son took the bikes and went out to the open road.

When the father and son rode in a rural area, they saw a cage lying in a field close to the road.

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Something told them to stop the motorcycles and check the cage. Call it fate or a gut feeling - the bikers could not help checking the meaning of the matter.

What they found inside was as terrible as it would have changed life.

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Bert and Zach noticed that the top of the box was chewed.

It was clear that someone or something inside the cage was desperately trying to get out.

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The father and son opened the cage.. and inside they found a big black female dog that was all skin and bones.

"The cage was full of feces and the dog smelled like death we couldn't stand in front of the wind. Her legs were brown after she had bent her stool for so long".

The poor dog was abandoned, and god knows how long she was trapped inside this cage.

She had scars and bloody wounds all over her body - she was injured because she could not move freely inside the plastic cage.

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Since they were there with their motorcycles, they had no choice but to leave the dog and hurry home and get back with Zach's truck and dog food.

They held their fingers and hoped the dog would still be there when they came back.

And there she was - when Bert and Zach came back, the dog stood there waiting for them.

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"I was sure it was too late", Bert wrote on Facebook.

"But then I heard growls, and I thought: 'If you have enough strength to growl, then you have enough strength to live'".

The father and son laid the dog carefully in the back seat of Zach's van and drove home.

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They called the dog "Charlie Bravo", after the Honda motorcycle model they rode on that fateful day.

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After a pleasant shower, Bert and his family took the dog to the vet.

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Charlie's nails were so long that they began to grow upside down into her foot.

She was in great pain and could hardly walk.

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The veterinarian estimated that Charlie was about 8 months old.

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Bert did not intend to adopt Charlie, since they already had a number of dogs at home.

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But when Charlie recovered and began to show her amazing personality, Bert and his family fell in love with the wonderful dog.

They just could not imagine their lives without Charlie.

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"Breaking boundaries, the story of Charlie's cage touched us in many ways".

"Charlie was abandoned in the cage, skin and bones when we found her, and for us, this cage is an analogy to every person who lives in a prison of his own".

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"It can be a dead end job, a bad relationship, drug or alcohol addiction, or the most restrictive cage of all - the fear of the unknown".

"Charlie is so beautiful and happy today, she reminds us that with a little help, we can feel that way too".

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When Charlie's story was published on Facebook, the Winingar family received many donations that helped pay the bill to veterinarians.

They got so much money they donated most of it to a local doghouse.

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Charlie will never be alone again!

Please share Charlie's wonderful journey with your friends on Facebook, and help praise these dog lovers who changed lives with their inspiring story Charlie's extraction!

Further reading: Charlie Bravo's official site.


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