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Lioness found a wounded Fox infant - and what she did brought tears to our eyes





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The animals kingdom is fascinating on so many ways.

Take for example the lion – one of the most scary predators walking on Earth.

The king of the jungle is at the top of the food chain and puts fear in other animals. Lions are hunting in packs, which requires organization and collaboration.

So when this nature photographer witnessed this lioness approaching a wounded Fox infant, he was sure that the fate of the fox is known in advance.

But the situation changed in an unexpected and surprising way.

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It all started when the lioness approached the wounded fox that was laying helpless on a path inside the territory of her pack.

This breed of foxes is hunted frequently by larger predators, so one can only imagine how scared he was when he saw the lioness in front of him.

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And the situation didn't get better for the little Fox when the male appeared too. It is likely that he saw the fox as easy prey.

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A few little and curious lion cubs came to see what exactly is happening there.

"When we arrived, there were a few lions around the little fox, who was wounded in the spine – it was hard for him to stand on his hind legs", said Graham Dyer, nature photographer to Barcroft TV.

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Lions (males) don't usually participate in hunting, but this male decided to give it a go with this fox.

He prepared himself for the attack...

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But then the maternal instinct of the lioness went into action.

She stood between them. And protected over the fox with her body.

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Despite its size and creepy presence, the lioness refused to leave the injured fox.

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And showed the male lion just how serious she is

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The lion was not pleased at all, but he eventually left the area without hurting the fox cub

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The brave lioness went back to her cubs, and the wounded fox went from the place, away from danger.

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This story is a proof of the great strength that the maternal instinct has — even in animals.


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