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Press the index finger for 60 seconds: the whole world is in shock of the amazing effects this trick has on the body





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When we feel pain, we first go to the doctor or take painkillers.

But after you read this story, you may not want to poison yourself with chemicals, or wait in a doctor's appointment. The known method – reflexology, claims that every point in our body is connected in one way or another to the hands.

The thumb is connected to the heart and lungs. If you are panting, like dogs, rub the thumb and pull it. As a result, your heart rate will slow down.

The index finger is attached to the large intestine and stomach. Do you suffer from constipation or stomach cramps? Press the index finger, rubbed it for 60 seconds, and then pull it. You will feel an a relief very shortly.

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The Middle Finger is connected to the heart, small intestine and respiratory system and blood. Stretch the finger and rubb it every time you feel nausea, dizziness or insomnia during tracks.

The fourth finger has a strong influence on the mood, so if you are feeling depressed, rub the finger and you will feel calm and peaceful within a short time.

The Pinky is connected to the kidneys, and is associated even with headaches and neck pain. Gradually massage the pinky and you will feel a great relief in pain.

The hands are connected to the nervous system, so if you want to maintain your psychological mood, we encourage that you clap. This will boost your circulation, and you will feel much better.


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