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A 96-year-old woman sold her house - so the buyers looked inside and a 72-year-old secret was exposed!





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Have you ever looked at a neighbor who you never talked to and wondered how his house looked like?

Was he clean and neat, or messy and dirty, what was he watching on television, was he arguing a lot. When you live in an apartment building with the window opposite to the window of another apartment, you can't avoid sneaking into the neighboring apartment.

Sometimes the jealousy hits you because the other house is much more designed, as if it came from an interior magazine. And sometimes the neighboring apartment is so messy you don't understand how anyone can live in it.

In 2014, a 96-year-old woman from Toronto tried to sell her house.

From outside it looked like any other house in the area - none of the neighbors had ever been inside the house. They had no idea what was inside.

Now you're probably wondering if it looks bad inside. This can sometimes happen, especially for old people who have no one to help keep the house in good shape. It is understandable that people have the energy to keep the house clean and tidy as they get older.

But this woman had a hidden surprise inside that no one could imagine.

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The house was carefully designed and you can see that there was a great deal of thought behind every painting, furniture or design idea.

Everything from floor to ceiling was designed in the classic style of the 50's and 60's.

Metal sculptures, colored carpets, pink curtains and much more.

The 96-year-old woman who lived in the house used to work as a seamstress and was always careful about decorating the house. You can see that she shaped it with great passion. Despite her older age, and with the help of family members, she managed to make the face of the house look as if it had not been touched for 72 years.

You can hardly believe that someone lives there - everything is in perfect condition!

Watch the pictures and be prepared to get shocked from this spectacular home:


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A welcoming and beautiful hallway. Pay attention to the wallpaper!


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The former seamstress certainly knows how to design a kitchen to make it beautiful and useful.

The breakfast room

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This cozy corner is just perfect to relax with a good meal.

Dining room

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The elegant dining area is simply elegant. You can invite the queen to a cup of tea without being ashamed!


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A simple bedroom, but tastefully like the rest of the house.


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Who had not dreamed of having a bar of his own? Even here, the woman did a perfect job. Although the design looks very different from the rest of the house, we can not think of anyone who would refuse on one or two drinks here.

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