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Are you constantly bitten by mosquitoes? This trick is the best solution, doctors claim





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Summer is almost here, and we're already looking forward to spending most of our time outside. But if there is one thing we neither expect nor wait for - are the mosquitoes.

These nifty little bugs can ruin a fun evening sitting on the porch or hanging out with friends.

And no matter how much mosquito repellent you apply or spray on yourself, they always manage to bite.

Do you also suffer from this?

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We're not fans of mosquito repellents because many of them contain unnatural substances and toxins we prefer to avoid.

But the means of using home solutions is sometimes settling for suboptimal results.

Fortunately, researchers have found a mixture of natural substances with results that are proven and is much more effective than toxic mosquito repellent. And it even smells good!

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​Besides the fact that mosquitoes are annoying and leave itchy bites, it's easy to forget that mosquito bites can be dangerous.

All over the world, mosquitoes carry diseases that can cause far more dangerous things than just bites.

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So if you want to protect yourself from bites and diseases, this wonder mixture is especially for you:

You need:

15 drops of eucalyptus oil

15 drops of lemon oil

1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

100 ml of vodka or alcohol for cleaning


Mix the essential oils with the alcohol and vanilla extract, pour the mixture into a spray bottle, and spray yourself and others before you go out.

Researchers found that this mixture provides 97% protection for 4 hours, while other mosquito repellents provide 84% protection for 4 hours.

With this miracle mixture you will practically be invisible to mosquitoes this summer.

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So don't wait - don't get biten by mosquitoes this summer!​


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