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Get rid of mosquitoes this summer - discover the 3-components trap that can be placed everywhere





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Nothing could ruin a pleasant summer evening more than a swarm of mosquitoes buzzing at your ear. They are annoying, their stings are itchy, and if that's not enough, they can bring many diseases with them.

For many, the solution is mosquito repellents, or other products that are applied to the skin. But here's another idea: an effective mosquito trap that you can quickly make on your own, and that is also very cheap.

This light mosquito trap needs only three components - a plastic bottle and a knife. But the result is simply amazing. Read on and learn how to prepare this trap that everyone talks about this summer.

Mosquito Trap - You Need:

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Preparation instructions:

1. Cut 1/3 of the bottle off the top with a knife.

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2. Pour the sugar, water and yeasts to the bottom of the bottle. Mix it up!

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3. Open the bottle cap from the top part that you cut. Turn this part around and push it as a seal on top of the trap. Make sure that everything is sealed on the sides and that there are no spaces.

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4. Your home mosquito trap is ready! Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide, which is produced by the yeasts, so they will fly to the smell of the mixture you have prepared and will not be able to resist it - and as soon as they fly into the bottle, they will get stuck inside and will not be able to leave!

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5. Bring your mosquito trap to wherever you go outside - and enjoy a summer free of mosquitoes!

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See the full video guide below:

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