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Grandmom always talked about this cleaning trick - I didn't believe her until I tried it myself





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If there's something I have learned over the years about cleaning, is that the best tricks are those that are not read or written about in books.

The best tricks and tips for cleaning are those that are passed from generation to generation, from grandmother to mother or father and then to you or me.

Such a trick - in fact, turns a boring task like cleaning the shower or toilet into something fun - and we thought of sharing it with you. We admit we were a little skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves. Feel free to share this trick with all your friends. Cleaning the bathroom would no longer be an annoying and irritating task!

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Dirty tiles, a sink covered with fur, and a filthy shower. Yes, cleaning the bathroom is one of the jobs no one wants to do. ever.

Not only does it take alot of time and energy - again and again and again, but sometimes you also have to use harmful chemicals that don't provide the desired results.

No more. This cleaning trick is both natural and effective when used properly.

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Here's what you need:

First, heat the vinegar for a few minutes. Then pour it into the spray bottle and add the dish soap. Shake well so that both ingredients mix well.

Once ready, spray the liquid onto the tiles or any surface you want to clean. The mixture also works well on porcelain furniture and sinks.

Let the liquid sit for about a minute before you start working and wipe it with the cloth. Your bathroom will be shiny and polished and with a wonderful smell - so simple!

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Fast, easy and most importantly - effective.

Don't hesitate to share the trick with your friends so that they too will recognize this trick! Know someone with a dirty bathroom? Tag them!


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