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A mother gave birth to 3 black babies - so the father looked closely and burst into tears





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Even though the year is 2020, racism still exists and is kicking all over the world.

Many people have prejudices about what a family should look like.

Aron and Rachel Halbert experienced these prejudices up close themselves - even though they deserve loads of love and respect for the brave decisions they made.

The Halbert family initially adopted two children - then they decided to take it one step further - after learning and reading about fetal adoption.

The parents were determined to provide a warm home for more children who would not have a family - and decided not to forget the frozen fetuses that no one thought of.

And they refused to let anything superficial like skin color bother them. They went to a fertility clinic and found fetuses of twins whom they decided to turn into their babies.

But if that wasn't amazing enough, their story took an unexpected turn.

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Aron and Rachel Halbert had long dreamed of becoming parents, but Rachel was unable to conceive.

Instead they adopted two children, a son and a daughter.

But the decision caused harsh reactions - only because the children were black.

"We knew, especially in the southern part of the United States, that a white couple with non-white children would cause different reactions. There would always be the older woman in the supermarket staring at us in disgust, or the African-American mother who looked at us and just shook her head", Aron said.

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But Aron and Rachel were very happy and proud of their little family.

When the couple heard about the possibility of adopting embryos, they decided it would be a good idea.

In Rachel were transplanted two embryos of African-Americans who had been frozen for 15 years.

And so the new babies will 'fit in' with their siblings.

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After six weeks, it was time to visit the doctor, who lives in Honduras, to receive the tiny embryos. And when they arrived, the couple received a completely different surprise.

"We started describing everything to the doctor (in broken Spanish). He asked us several times if we were sure we wanted to return two embryos. Yes, of course we were sure we answered".

And to their huge surprise, Rachel and Aron discovered that one of the fetuses had split in two in Rachel's womb. She was pregnant - and not with twins, but with a triplet!

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The birth went smoothly and Aron and Rachel were now the parents of five beautiful children with black skin.

"It warmed our hearts to see the support and love we received from our friends and family. In our spirit, we live the dream. A dream that may not seem like the average family, but one we thank for coming true given the history of our country", Aron said.

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"I felt pure happiness during the pregnancy when my son and daughter, who have black skin, kissed my wife's pregnant and white belly. Every night they said good night to the three girls who grew up inside her belly, and now they can finally say sweet dreams to their baby sisters - cute faces to cute faces".

Aren't they cute?

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Aron wonderfully described his family:

"I remember a friend who went through an adoption process and told me he always wanted his family to look like the UN. When I look at my growing family, I prefer to take it one step further, and dare to dream that his family is a small hint of heaven".

Below you can watch the special journey of the Halbert family:

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Love for a child is always more important than DNA, skin and blood.

Please share the story of the Halbert family if you agree that all people are equal and that every person is allowed to start a family without being judged by others.


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