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The groom stopped the wedding, admitted he loved someone else, pointed at her and broke down





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A wedding is not just a big party, it is a way for couples to celebrate their love for each other and the eternal promise to each other.

For most people, it is also a carefully planned day down to the smallest detail.

Many people like to give personal touch to arrangements. But there are things that cannot be planned, and who knows what emotions will arise under the canopy?

During a wedding between Portuguese couple Jefferson and Jessica, the groom suddenly admitted that he loved someone else - words that left all the guests in shock.

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We have all heard stories of people who got cold feet and decided to abort the wedding in the last minute.

But when Jefferson interfered with the wedding, the reason he did so only made the wedding much more romantic.

The groom did not intend for a moment to leave his wife when he left the canopy.

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All the guests arrived, the bride went to the canopy and it was time to exchange vows, when Jefferson began his speech.

He turned to his new wife and said something no one expected. Jeffers admitted he loves someone else.

No one understood what was going on - but then Jefferson turned to the little girl in the audience, and people began to understand what was going on.

The fact was that Jefferson devoted his life not only to his wife - but also to her little daughter, 8-year-old Giovanna.

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Giovanna waited a long time for this moment - to see her mother marry the love of her life, Jefferson, who was not the girl's biological father.

As she listened to Jefferson's beautiful words and moving vows, the tears did not stop.

"I also give you my love, my love. I will take care of you and I will always be there for you and I will never let anything bad happen to you", Jefferson said as he looked into her eyes.

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So Giovanna took the microphone to thank her new dad.

We think it's safe to say that Jefferson, her new father, will be there for her and Jessica all their lives - and this wedding speech is a memory they will never forget.

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This powerful moment will live on forever and we encourage you to watch the video below so you can join this beautiful family in their special moment.

Even if you do not speak Portuguese, the message is something that everyone can understand and identify with.

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Isn't that the most beautiful thing you've seen?

Please share with your family friends so they too can see the amazing love Jefferson has!


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