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11 Surprising tips: this is how a single teaspoon of baking powder can change things in your body





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Most of us have a small package of baking soda powder at home, since it's a product with many uses.

It is used mainly to bloat pastries. When it acts, it creates bubbles and releases carbon dioxide that causes the dough to rise.

But baking powder, and especially baking soda powder also have many good uses outside of the kitchen.

It is an ancient cure for cough, it can help with teeth whitening, make ants disappear from your house, and can even be used for polish.

Baking powder contains bicarbonate, acids and starch, and it's a little weaker than baking soda powder - 1 tablespoon of baking soda powder is as strong as at least 2 tablespoons of baking powder.

Baking powder or baking soda powder are the cheapest home medicines there are, and here are 11 suprising uses for them:

1. Heartburn, digestive problems

Baking soda powder can neutralize stomach acids, which can ease symptoms of heartburn, acid reflux and digestive problems. Baking soda powder can neutralize the stomach acids to be less acidic and painful.

Melt half teaspoon baking soda powder in a glass of water and drink half a glass every 2 hours. Remember this is only a temporary solution, since using this treatment too often can cause imbalances of the acids in the stomach.

2. Whiter and more fresher teeth

Baking soda powder can be used as a gentle scented substance, help with teeth whitening, remove paint from the teeth and fight bad breath.

Baking soda powder contains sodium bicarbonate which is present in most toothpastes and it can decrease the amount of plaque. You can prepare a home made toothpaste using baking soda powder and a few drops of water. Brush the teeth for 2 minutes, and then continue brushing normally.

Brush your teeth this way no more than 2-3 times a month.

3. Increase endurance

Studies have shown that consuming sodium bicarbonate can help increase endurance after a long workout, like running or bicycle riding.

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4. Natural deodorant

Use a pinch of baking soda powder and water instead of a purchased deodorant, which can sometimes contain high levels of aluminium and parabens. You can also apply baking powder.

5. Cleaner hands

Want to remove dirt and bad smell off your hands? Watch them with a mixture of 1/3 baking powder and 2/3 water.

6. Pain relief for bugs stings

Mix baking powder with water and apply over the sting to ease the pain or scratching. This method can help recovery of mild skin infections - as this study shows.

7. Does miracles for tired feet

Your feet are tired after a long walk? Mix 3-4 teaspoons of baking soda powder with 1 litre of water and enjoy a relaxing bath for your feet.

Use baking soda powder together with other essential oils to protect your feet from bad smell and infections.

8. Pain relief for sun burns

To ease the pains of sun burns, fill a bath with 100ml of baking powder. You can also hold a cold water compression and baking powder over the area with pain.

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9. Rich with sodium

Sodium is the most important mineral for health care. Sodium hydrogen carbonate is a great source for sodium and can improve your blood pressure levels and assists for healthier muscles and nerves.

10. Fights bladder infections

Baking powder can lower the changes to suffer from bladder infections, according to doctors . Bladder infection is common and it's caused by bacteria in the bladder. This is because the micro-organisms strive in an acidic environment. To ease this kind of an infection, make a drink of baking powder with water every day.

11. Help to pull out wood chips off the skin

Take some baking soda powder and mix with water until it becomes a creme, and then apply over the area where the wood chip is stuck. Put a tape band over it, and wait.

The wood chip will "pop out" with the help of the sodium hydrogen carbonate when you remove the tape band after 24 hours!

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We think everyone should learn and know these amazing uses for baking powder and baking soda powder!


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