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He begged a homeless man to help him find his daughter - when he held this sign, he was left speechless





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Many of us pass through homeless people on the street every day without talking to them.

But they deserve our respect and some of them are amazing and good people.

When YouTube celebrity Johal took the streets to conduct a social experiment, he expected different reactions from people.

He asked people if they could help him look for his daughter - who doesn't really exist - and handed out flyers with a picture of her.

Johal wanted to see how much people would help them and what they would do for him, but when he approached a homeless man and filmed his reaction for a few hours, he was left speechless - and so were we.

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Johal approached the homeless man (whose face was blurred) and asked if he had seen his "daughter", who disappeared a few days ago and he was trying to find her.

The man said he did not see her, but told Johal that he'll take a flyer and call him from a pay phone if he happened to see her.

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Over the next few hours, Johal's camera crew secretly photographed the homeless man to see what he would do. And to Johal's amazement, his actions were simply amazing.

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Instead of holding his cardboard sign - in which he asks for money - he held Johal's flyer for hours, trying to find and return his "daughter".

And he did so even though he knew he would not receive money from passers-by.

Johal approached him later and thanked him - and also gave him $200 as a token of gratitude.

Watch the emotional story and what the homeless did in the video below:

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