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A man sat on the same street corner for 3 years - but everything changed when a woman stopped and started talking to him





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For three years, a homeless man sat on the same street corner in Webster, Texas.

No matter what the weather was like outside, he stayed in the same corner - whether it was scorching sun or an endless rain stream.

"Someone needs to do something about this guy", local residents murmured as they passed him with their vehicles.

But no one took the time to check why he was sitting in the same corner day after day for years. Until one woman named Ginger Sprouse stopped next to him with her car and opened the window.

She learned that the man has a name - his name is Victor Hubbard, and he is 32 years old.

Most people have assumed, and rightly so, that Victor is Homeless. But they didn't know he was suffering from a mental illness.

Ginger asked Victor why he always sits in the same corner.

And Victor's answer will change the lives of both of them forever..

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Ginger Sprouse is a mother who lives in Webster, Texas. She and her husband, Dean, run a cooking school called The Meal Art.

Like most Webster residents, Ginger noticed the homeless man sitting in the corner of one of the intersections.

Sun or rain, the guy sat in the same corner day after day for three years.

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One day Ginger drove up to him, opened the window and started talking to him.

That was the moment she discovered the heartbreaking reason why Victor had been sitting in the same corner for three years.

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Victor Hubbard was 32 years old at the time. He suffers from mental illness, he is a homeless person, and he has become a homeless person since his mother abandoned him three years ago.

The street corner where Victor is every day is the last place Victor saw his mother, and he has not seen her again since.

Victor waited for her at the same place for three years hoping she would come back for him.

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When Ginger heard his story, she immediately felt a connection to Victor. And as the season shifted from fall to winter, Ginger took care of Victor's health when he was outside, in the cold.

She began to visit Victor during her breaks, and after a while Ginger and her husband agreed that Victor would come to their house whenever he wanted to escape the cold weather or eat a good meal.

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But Ginger's kindness did not end there.

Over the next three months, she helped Victor get psychiatric treatment, she took him off the street, and gave him a job at her restaurant.

Ginger documented Victor's life on a Facebook page.

The page gained tens of thousands of likes in a short time. Victor's story touched the hearts of many people and they helped and supported him in every way they could.

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Very quickly the whole town stood behind the man they were passing by with the vehicle.

People donated clothes and equipment to him and collected money to pay for Victor's medical bills.

People from all over the United States teamed up and set up a fundraising page for him on GoFundMe.

Victor gained weight and was finally able to see well as well.

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But the most important thing of all? Thanks to Victor's story, people from all over the world have become aware that people they might call a nuisance are actually good people who have a hard time surviving in the world.

After this story made headlines around the world, Victor's uncle contacted Ginger.

He lived on the other side of Texas, and as soon as he heard the story he immediately drove to Webster.

Recently, Victor reunited with his mother.

"I got to talk to her and I really feel like I accomplished something", Victor said.

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But none of this would have read without Ginger.

"She came out of nowhere and she actually saved me. Like an angel", Victor said.

Ginger also sees things differently since she met Victor.

"This guy just inspires me. If he can be nice, kind, compassionate and happy, then so can I", she said.

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Sometimes all it takes is a sociable and committed person to start a chain of amazing positive events.

This story moved us greatly and we can only hope that it will inspire others to be caring towards those for whom life does not come easily.


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