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Owner of a coffeeshop gave work to a homeless man - two weeks later, she found this in the kitchen





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It all started in March 2016, when a homeless man named Marcus entered "Abi's Cafe" in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He looked straight in the eyes of the coffeeshop's owner, Casy Abigail, and asked her for money.

"Why don't you have a job?" she asked, and added "You know I didn't get anything for free, right?".

The homeless man told Casy that a job is what he'd want more than anything in the world.

But because of his criminal record, he had no chance of finding a job, so he had to live in the streets.

Marcus's story touched Casy's heart - and she immediately decided to do an act.

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Casy is the 20th owner of "Abi's Cafe" coffeeshop in Minnesota.

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She struggled and worked hard to maintain the coffee shop, that wasn't always filled with clients.

When the homeless man entered the place that day, she felt mercy for him. It was a busy hour, and she needed some help, although she could barely pay another person.

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Casy wrote on Facebook:

"I didn't have enough people that day, so I asked him 'do you want to work? I have a job for you!' and his eyes opened wide and his smile made my day!! He said 'I will do anything I can for you', so now for almost two weeks, he arrives on time for a 2 hours duty, help taking out the trash, do the dishes, etc. And once I pay him, guess what? He buys food from my restaurant - he chooses to pay because it make him feel good!"

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Casy continued:

"With his new job, Marcus found confidence and became a different person.

Do something nice today for someone and don't judge him because he asks for money outside, because we can't know what's his situation or background.. some deserve a second chance. God has given me this blessing, so why shouldn't I bless others?".

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