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9 people who parked their cars like scums - and got what they deserve





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Is there anything worse than driving and looking for parking, only to find out that some scum parked his car over 3 places? These people haven't heard or seen parking signs?

And let's not even start talking about people who park over the disabled parking lot. No, if you have a thorn in your finger it doesn't mean you can park in the disabled parking.

The reason we get so upset is that these people know better than that, they just don't care about others.

But no matter how frustrated you are, scratching their car with a key or puncture their tires are not good options. So here's some inspiration for things you can do instead ..

1. This white car has parked in front of the place where the shopping carts are placed, so it's only fair to park the shopping carts in front of the car

I like this

I like this

2. When someone can't park between the lines, he probably can't read between the lines, and you have to be direct with him

I like this

3. If you parked like garbage..

I like this

4. This is what happens when you park over a disabled parking lot when you are not disabled

I like this

5. Let's see you get into this car

I like this

6. Note for myself: Don't annoy people with forklifts

I like this

Number 9 is crazy

7. When some dickhead is blocking your car

I like this

8. An artist noticed a car parked in the disabled lot and allowed his creativity to flourish

I like this

9. If they park poorly, they probably drive badly, so we need to protect them from themselves

I like this

Share if you too are fed up with disrespectful drivers!


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