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Only 1 out of 7 answer it right: how many holes are in this shirt?





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There are many ways to keep our brain sharp. We all want to feel fresh and alert, so it's important to keep the neurons moving. We love to sit and solve logical puzzles, sudoku, or other quizzes.

And a great trend that began in recent years are these 'internet quizzes' - and they are definitely a positive and wonderful thing. Since many of us sit for hours on the computer and hardly need to think for ourselves, so it's great to give our brain a bit of exercise and practice.

That's at least what we think!

We remember when we went to school, all we used was paper and pen. We remember that there was a teacher who liked to give puzzles and different problems, and gave us time to solve them.

It wasn't always easy, but we always liked these challenges. And they have stood the test of time so it is always wonderful to find ways to keep our brains active.

The following quiz in the picture is one we found on the net.

How many holes are there in this shirt?

According to a number of sites, 1 out of 7 older people come to the solution on the first attempt. So, we thought it would be fun to give you some options to make it a little easier.

How many holes are in this shirt? The answer is 2, 4, 6 or 8!

I like this

Now take the time, give it a few seconds.

There are probably more holes than you see at first sight! Let your brain work a little before you decide on your final answer!

After you tried for yourself, below we will reveal how many holes are in the shirt.

I like this

The correct answer is 8!

Below we'll show you why this is the right answer.

I like this

Two holes in the front of the shirt, two holes in the arms, a hole to the neck, and the hole at the bottom of the shirt. So six holes you see from the front. But there are two more holes!

I like this

Of course, remember that the shirt has two sides! Because you can see through the shirt, it means there are two more holes in the back. So in total its 8 holes!

Now click on the Share button if you answered correctly, or if you want to challenge your friends and see if they can answer it right!


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