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If your dog always follow you to the bathroom, that's what he's trying to tell you..





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Any dog ​​lover will tell you the same thing: a dog in life is one of the best gifts imaginable.

After all, there is a reason why dogs have earned the nickname "A man's best friend" because they are the most unselfish, loyal and loving creatures you can find.

For food, caresses and lots of love, dogs will give you kisses, health benefits, and lots of unconditional love.

Moreover, dogs have developed a way to tell their owners "I love you" even if they can not say the exact words.

The average dog owner can feel when his special dog tries to communicate and show his affection, but there may be some more clues most of us do not notice.

In fact, dogs have all sorts of secret signs to share their love with their favorite people.

Read on and learn about the cute ways in which dogs show their love.

1. Gives you a puppy look

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Do you know that look? With the sweet puppy's eyes?

If the dog stares into your soul in such a way, chances are (especially while petting it's belly or ear), that he means to say "I love you with all my heart".

According to PetHelpful, dogs and humans are the only mammals to make eye contact in this way, which is a great sign of trust and admiration from your dog.

2. Leans on you

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Dogs like to curl up just like humans, if not more.

If your dog is from the "leaners", if he sits next to you and weighs his body on you, he just tells you he wants more caresses, and kisses, please.

According to VetStreet, this is behavior that seeks affection. Simple and smooth.

3. Go after you everywhere

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Does your dog act like your shadow? It can be a little annoying at times, especially if you want some silence and serenity in the bathroom. But there is a sweet reason behind it.

Dogs are pack animals in their hearts, and this veterinarian says their instinct is to do everything with their family.

If your dog follows you to the bathroom, it's just his way of saying, "You're my best friend, let's do it all together".

4. Sleep in your bedroom

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When you go to work in the morning and leave the dog at home, your heart melts, but do not worry too much.

There is a good chance that your beloved puppy will crawl to your side in bed and catch a good nap.

You may prefer slightly less dog hair on pillows, but according to the Wall Street Journal this is your dog's way of keeping you close even when you are not there.

5. Brings you gifts

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Many dogs show caring by bringing to their favorite person a toy full of saliva as a gift.

This is especially common in retriever dogs, who are loyal to their name (to "retrieve" = bring things).

"This behavior demonstrates a clear desire on the dog's part to share with us affection and happiness", says Jennifer Hammond, a specialist.

6. Feel when you are sad

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Humans and dogs have been living together for more than 15,000 years - and this is definitely a successful partnership.

It is not surprising that dogs have learned to notice when we are sad or feel poorly based on our body language, and how we smell.

They show us that they love us and that we are in their band by comforting us and showing empathy.

7. Lick your face or feet

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Dogs just love to shower their tongue to their favorite humans (whether we like it or not), and there are several reasons for it.

According to House My Dog, regular licking of your feet can calm your dog's stress level because it is submissive behavior that reinforces the fact that you are the head of the band.

Sometimes, especially with dogs and children, it is also a sign of maternal love - the dog thinks they are her puppies as well.

8. Ask for your confirmation

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Is your dog looking for your attention and asking you to tell him how good he is and how much you love him?

It's a sure sign of dog love, because that means your opinion is very important to him.

In fact, several studies have shown that dogs prefer to receive a compliment from their owners rather than a snack.

9. Freak out when you get home

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Your dog behaves like he's never, but never, would have seen you again when you get back into the house - even if you'd just gone out to buy milk.

According to Gizmodo, it's because dogs feel happy and friendly just like people, but they do not have the language to say, "I missed you and now I'm happy - let's go for a walk".

Instead, they run all over the house, and they bite you to show you that they love you and love to spend time with you.

10. Cuddle after a meal

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Dogs are in the most territorial and protective condition when they are eating, because they have an instinct that someone might want to steal their food.

And that's why it's a very big sign of trust when the dog picks you up as a friend after the meal - it's their way of telling you that you're the person they feel most relaxed with.

Illustrations: Tayra Lucero for LittleThings


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