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5 ways to tell your dog you love them





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Researchers have found the ways by which your dog tells you he loves you, but its not always easy for our dogs to know whether we love them. They don't understand human language, so if you want to communicate with them and show them your affection, you will need to do it in a dog's language.

Studies have showed that dogs don't love it when you hug them. But that doesn't mean they don't want our love and affection - they just want it in a different way! Try the following things to show your fury friend just how much you love him. Then you will watch him say thanks to you in their own unique way.

1. Look into his eyes

Dr. Brian Hare, a profressor for the studies of the brain in Duke University, came to a list of the New York Times' Best selling books with his book The Genius of Dogs. He says that when a dog looks you in the eye, that's his way to hug you.

But don't stare into the eyes of dogs you don't know, especially dogs that look threatening! They will see it as a challenge. Try it with your dog when you are both relaxed at home. Cuddle him, talk to him softly, and look into his eyes. According to Dr. Hare, it causes the release of Oxytocin in the brain of a dog – the same hormone that is responsible for the relationship between the mother of the child.

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2. Raise your eyebrowses at him.

A Japanese study made in 2013 showed dogs raise their eyebrows when they see their owner or things they love. In this study, the dogs showed no activity inside when they saw something that made them feel threatened. So try to use as much facial movements when you see your dog – you dog will know its being loved.

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3. Lean on them

You probably felt this before – you're in the kitchen, or anywhere else, and your dog just fall and lay down your leg like he can't support himself.

Just lean yourself, with body weight when you sit together--but don't crush it! Show him that you trust him. It's something they do to us, and we tend to ignore it, then lay back and make him feel like the most special thing in the world.

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4. Let them sleep with you

Dr. Gregory Barnes, who wrote "How Dogs Love Us", has spent decades studying and researching the dog's brain using MRI scans. When a old sleeps, it is the most vulnerable. When you let him sleep with you in bed together, or even in the bedroom, it's the ultimate sign that you trust him and like him. They tend to think of people as "one of the band" – and if you don't let them sleep in bed with you, try to do it on the couch or the carpet.

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5. Be yourself

We may find it difficult to know what our dog thinks or feels, but they don't have the same problem. Dr. Barnes discovered that dogs recognize the tone of our voice, the small gestures we do and our body language and know when we feel or show love towards them. Continue to reward your dog by showing him how much you love it in "Dog's language".

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