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She saw a sad dog abandoned in the kennel - looked closely at her eyes and saw the unbelievable





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Sarah Sleime is a true animal lover. She regularly volunteers at the kennel and helps take care of the poor animals.

One day she visited one of the kennels in her residential area and saw a pitbull, sad and lonely inside one of the cages. There was something about this dog that touched Sarah's heart. Her sad eyes showed a life of loneliness.

When Sarah looked closely, she could see tears in the dog's eyes.

Although dogs don't cry like humans, it was clear that this dog was depressed. Her eyes were sad and she just stared ahead blankly.

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Sarah saw that it was a female that had recently given birth to puppies. In addition, the dog was overweight and was in a bad condition in general.

She was told by the staff that the dog, who goes by the name 'Cinnamon', was abandoned in the kennel alone, without her puppies. She was probably used as a breeding dog and the owner decided he had no more use for her.

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Sarah started talking to Cinnamon, telling her comforting words. Then, a tear fell from the dog's eye. When Sarah saw this, she knew she had to help this dog. Sarah had an idea.

A cry for help

She picked up her cell phone and took a 37-second video of the dog. Then she uploaded the video to Facebook with a message asking for help.

But she could not imagine what effect the video would have. Within one day, more than 700,000 people watched the video. People from all over the world watched it and wanted to help Cinnamon.

One of those people was Megan Shelton and her family.

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Sarah already knew the family and knew they would be the perfect home for Cinnamon. Several days later, the dog finally arrived at her new home.

In addition to her new human family, Cinnamon also gained a little brother named 'Blue'.

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Because Cinnamon found her permanent home and could put all the sadness behind, the family decided to give her a new name. Today, the sad dog Sarah found in the kennel is called 'Rosie' - and she should never be sad again.

Watch the video that helped Rosie find her warm, loving and permanent home:


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