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7 Obvious and critical signs you consume too much sugar





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Life can be unfair sometimes, and one example is our big love for sugar, although its harmful for our health.

It's hard to resist the sweet taste, but once you learn about it's effects on your body, you will want to avoid it like fire.

The signs below indicate you consume too much sugar, and it's definitely about time to do something about it!

1. Craving for sugar/carbohydrates

You're probably addicted to sugar if you find yourselves crave something sweet very often. Sugar causes addiction, and consuming it leads to a chain reaction of craving for sugar.

2. Lack of energy and feeling fatigue

If you are tired all the time and lack energy, you probably consume too much sugar. Foods rich in sugar provide energy for a short while, but after that, you will feel tired and stay exhausted and without energy for the rest of the day.

3. Gaining weight

Sugar have no fibers and proteins, so it doesn't make you feel satiety, and the more you consume sugar, the higher the calories intake. Sugar causes Insulin to be released which is used to carry the sugar to other parts of the body as an energy source.

Therefore, consuming too much sugar gives the body a signal to produce more insulin, what eventually leads to insulin resistance. When this happends, the body can't respond to normal levels of insulin, and can't use the sugar properly.

And resistance to insulin is directly related to gaining weight and overweight, as well as diabetes.

4. Cold and flu often

Consuming too much sugar also weakens the immune system, and it's ability to prevent cold, flu, viruses and chronic diseases. If you manage to consume less sugar, you will lower the chances to get these diseases.

5. Doesn't taste sweet as before

Too much sugar affects the taste glands in a way that you will crave more and more sweet food.

In the beginning it may be hard, but if you manage to lower the sugar intake, you will lower your craving and eventually also enjoy foods with less sugar. After a while, there are some foods that may become too sweet for you.

6. Feeling of dizziness, especially after meals

Brain dizziness is one of the symptoms of low sugar level in the blood. A high intake of sugar raises the sugar level in the blood, and then suddenly drops. Unbalanced sugar levels in the blood cause cognitive problems.

7. Skin and leg problems, black circles below the eye lids

The sugar you consume acts as an infection in the body, and causes skin problems like acne, eczema, and oily or dry skin. If you lower the sugar intake, your skin will be cleaner and softer.

Further than that, Dr. Sherri Greene, a podiatrist specialized in feet disorders, claim that an infect resulting from sugar can cause foot heel bone pain.

If you experience any of these issues, it's recommended to limit the amount of sugar consumption as fast as you can, to improve your health and prevent further health issues.


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