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A boy had been eating his lunch alone for 4 years, when this group came over his mother started crying





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School recess can be scary for some children, not all children have a friend or friends they can sit with during breaks.

Finding the right place to sit is not easy when you don't have friends to sit next to. Loneliness isn't always something you choose, sometimes you just don't find the right people to connect with.

This story is an important reminder that we should look for the people who sit alone. The story of Andrew is an important reminder that we must seek out for the children in need.

Every day Andrew Kirby sat alone at lunch time in the school cafeteria. In fact, Andrew sat alone every day for four years when he was in middle school.

This was something that worried his mother Kay. Every day she sent her son a text message when she knew he was eating alone and playing on his cell phone to pass the time.

He ate all his lunches in middle school alone and she was worried about high school. How will it be for her child? But it turned out she had no reason to worry..

The first day at his new school was a day neither of them would ever forget.

She picked him up on his first day hoping he had a good day, but deep down she worried he was eating lunch alone again.

Kay wrote in a Facebook post that as soon as Andrew got into the car he said: "Mom, I didn't sit alone! Several members of the student council asked me and three others who were eating alone to come sit with them, and said we can eat with them again tomorrow too!".

Andrew's mother was so happy. After four years, her beloved son finally didn't eat lunch alone. Andrew was very excited to go back to school the next day, and his mother was grateful to the kind-hearted students who, with a simple small gesture, changed the boy's life for the better.

She wrote a post on Facebook in which she praises and glorifies the new school:

"These students may not have thought it was a big deal, but it was an answer to prayer and a wonderful encouragement for Andrew. Thank you, today you made a difference!".

Andrew loved being part of the group, his mother told the Fox channel.

"It makes me happy that I can eat together with people", he said.

Sometimes a gesture that may seem small and insignificant can make a huge difference in someone's life.

What these boys did for Andrew is a wonderful example for all of us. Please share to spread this important message.


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