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If you noticed this happening to your feet, you may have a serious health problem





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When it comes to diagnosing a serious heart problem, most people think the symptoms are chest pain and difficulty breathing. But since heart disease is responsible for nearly 25% of deaths in the United States, it is important to be aware of the less familiar signs.

So if you see one of these marks, go to the doctor immediately. It could save your life.

1. Swelling in the foot

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This kind of swelling comes from fluid retention called peripheral edema. The doctor will check this by pressing his finger on the swollen area. It is not always caused by heart disease, but when it is, it is because your heart is not pumping blood properly, resulting in fluid leaks from the blood vessels into the tissues.

2. Patterns of baldness in men

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The risk of heart disease in bald men is larger by 23%, and 36% if they have no hair at all. Of course this does not mean that every bald man will get a heart disease, but it does mean that they should be checked regularly.

3. Yellow skin bumps

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These yellow bumps called Xanthelasma, and they are an evidence of high levels of blood lipids. They can also occur when cholesterol levels get hight.

4. Periodontal Disease

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Despite the swelling, red gums are usually an indication of poor dental hygiene, but are also related to heart disease. The exact relationship is not well known, but it may be due to poor blood circulation and various bacteria. Either way, take care of your teeth well.

5. Weight gain

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In addition to edema and fluid accumulation, you may suffer weight gain if you have heart disease. If you notice extreme fluctuations in weight, go to the doctor.

6. Constant urination

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Decreased blood flow to the kidneys is a sign of heart disease, and along with it come with a lot of trips to the bathroom.

7. Cataract

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Studies have shown that people with cataract have a greater risk of heart disease

8. Night cough

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Accumulation of fluid in the chest can cause problems when you are lying on your back. And that leads to coughing at night when you are in bed.

Not all of these signs are an indication of heart disease, but if you notice these warning signs, talk to your doctor. Your heart will thank you.

Share these important tips with friends and family. People need to know this.


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