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Scientists claim: you have cooked rice in a wrong and unhealthy way your entire lives!





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Rice is one of the famous meals in the world, and also very easy to cook. You simply boil water, add in the rice, and that's it, right?

Well, after you'll read this, you may never cook rice the same again - because apparently, cooking rice this way is damaging for your health.

Rice provides food for billions of people all over the world. And despite this basic food being generally healthy, the pesticides used when growing it usually contain Arsen.

The amount of danger in Arsen is a topic of debate among many scientists in recent years, a long exposure to this toxic may cause heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and other health problems, according to the british Telegraph.

When the scientist Prof. Andy Meharg of Queens university in Belfast was interviewed by the BBC's show "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor", he tried 3 different ways to cook rice to see how they impact the Arsen levels in the rice.

I like this

Andy first cooked the rice in a ratio of 1 cup of rice for 3 cups of water.

Then, he cooked the rice in a ratio of 1 cup of rice and 5 cups of water, and then he poured the water that remained in the bowl after cooking the rice out. This reduced the Arsen levels by half.

And finally, Andy soaked the rice during the night before in a bowl of water, and washed it the day before. This time, the levels of Arsen were reduced by 80%!

For many of us who eat rice - this is a wake up call. We didn't know there is such an amount of Arsen in rice, and definitely not that this amount can be reduced by changing the way you cook it.

But from now on we will cook the rice the way Andy suggests to keep the family healthy for a long time.

How to cook the rice the right and healthy way:

Try this method - the rice will come out delicious, and most importantly - good for your health.


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