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Warning to all parents! Do not let your children eat rice cakes!





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Rice products can be bought in any grocery store and a supermarket and can be very harmful to your children. A new study found that high levels of carcinogens exist in some of our favorite foods and for our children, any parents should be aware of.

After reviewing 102 rice products, Sweden's national food agency, found high levels of carcinogens in some of the products.

After the research, the food safety organization examined the its recommendations on rice, where he recommends that children won't eat rice or rice products such as rice noodles, breakfast cereals made from rice, and in the case of rice cakes - children should avoid them altogether.

"We already know that rice contains arsenic, and what we know now is that there are products on the market that contain high levels of the cancer-causing substance. Children under 6 years of age should not eat rice cakes, over the age of six is fine, but in moderation. You can eat rice and rice products, but not in large quantities", says Emma Baldini Ankrbrg, a toxins expert on the Swedish Food Agency.

Adults who eat a lot of rice (7 times a week or more), should consider to lower the amount of their consumption.

"If you eat more rice this amount, you should definitely reduce the quantity", she added.

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On arsenic and rice

Arsenic is a carcinogen that after much exposure can cause tumors in the skin, lung, bladder, and liver, kidney and prostate. Chronic exposure to Arsenic can cause many health problems such as heart and blood vessels disease, liver damage, chronic cough, diabetes and neurological problems, especially in children.

In recent years, the presence of Arsenic in infants rice and rice products caused a lot of attention. The amount of arsenic in rice depends on many factors, such as the agricultural region it comes from, rice farming practices, and methods of preparation (whole grains generally contain more arsenic than rice polished).


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