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Driving car ignored the traffic sign and raced towards the direction of a 2-year-old: when his babysitter realized the danger, she took drastic action





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Even when you look after a child every second of the day, you still can't protect him from all the dangers in the world, all the time.

People speeding on the road without paying attention to pedestrians, for instance, is one danger that everyone should beware of.

And one such driver, who didn't follow the rules and didn't stop at a stop sign at the intersection, could have hit the 2-year-old, Fox, very seriously.

But thanks to the courage and bravery of his babysitter, his parents are forever grateful to her after she put their child's life ahead of her.

The babysitter, Caroline Maurer, took care of 2-year-old Fox while his parents, Bill and Courtney were at work.

She was on her regular morning walk together with Fox in his baby cart when they arrived to the intersection. There, after she looked and saw that there was no car on the horizon, she began crossing the intersection, when suddenly a car emerged quickly, did not stop at the stop sign and drove straight towards the direction of both Caroline and Fox.

She had to choose: either her or the child.

In a split second, she threw herself between the fast-moving car and Fox, which she couldn't release in time from the wagon and screamed at the car to stop.

The car crushed Caroline's hand, but Fox got out without a scratch, thanks to Caroline's heroic action.

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She is considered part of the family now

Caroline suffered fractures in her hands, and other parts of her body, but fortunately Fox emerged from the frightening experience unharmed. Paramedics at the scene said Caroline saved the boy's life.

"I think my first reaction was: She's part of our family for the rest of our lives", father Bill told a local news channel. "Thanks to Caroline, the worst never happened. She saved his life".

Caroline's bravery made headlines around the world, and Fox's parents set up a fundraiser on the internet to cover Caroline's hospital bill. They have already raised more than $40,000.

Watch the full story in the video below:

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What an amazing person she is. His parents, like all other parents, will be forever grateful for her bravery.

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