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Only smart people can see 2 different pictures in this portrait and it took us more than 10 minutes





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Solving optical illusions is one of the things we love doing most.

When we were kids, we had a book full of them, and now there are millions of online illusions that can be picked and solved. Especially those with different shapes, depending on which angle you look at them.

While everyone is tearing their hair down trying to solve these confusing images, you can't help but wonder what exactly to look for.

The famous picture below revolves around the world since the 19th century, from 1888 to be precise.

People are confused

The postcard below comes from Germany, and was created by an organization called The Anchor Buggy Company.

At first, the organization distributed the postcards without knowing that there was another image hiding inside. But soon more and more people began to notice something strange about these postcards.

Can you see the different pictures in the postcard?

I like this

The artist behind the illustration American illustrator William Alley Hill. He obviously knew what he was doing, challenging the readers with the title 'My wife and mother-in-law. Both of them are in this picture - find them'.

Thousands of fans

After months in which nobody was successful, William continued his career as an illustrator. But suddenly the picture went viral, something that was very difficult many years ago when there was no internet. But suddenly had thousands of fans.

I like this

In his illusion his wife is seen looking in one direction and his mother-in-law looking down.

This picture was the first of its kind, as far as we know, and it survived the test of time even though there are thousands of new illusions every day. Millions of people looked at William Alley Hill's picture, probably by now billions have already seen it.

I like this

Look at the picture above and see if you can see two women!

As we mentioned above, you should see a young woman looking to the horizon and an older woman looking down.

Did you find them? If you need help, watch the video below!

I like this

Now share the illusion so your friends can enjoy it too.


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