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Stop buying avocados! This is how you can grow an avocado tree at home in a small pot





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Avocado has become one of the cornerstones of healthy and nutritient eating. A bowl of guacamole can be a guilt-free snack thanks to the wonderful benefits of this fruit. (Yes, it's a fruit).

If you did not know, the avocado has many health benefits. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, like potassium, vitamin B5, B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, and more. They are also a great source of fiber.

This super-food continues to be popular thanks to its versatility in the kitchen. Avocado can be integrated into almost any dish, it adds flavor and color and is a healthy alternative the fatty snacks.

Did we get your interested enough? With a few simple steps you can enjoy an indoor avocado growing without having a back yard at all.

1. Sprout the avocado

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After you have cleaned it's core, gently insert four toothpicks, each in an equal distance from the middle of the core. Toothpicks will help you stabilize the core so you will want them to be equal. Once the toothpicks are in place, insert the core to a glass of water, with the help of the sticks you will want the core to be covered by about 2.5 cm of water as the part with the with the hole is facing down.

Keep the core in a warm place and away from sunlight. Let it sit there for two to six weeks, or until you start to see it sprouts.

Once the trunk reaches approximately 15 cm out of the core, cut approximately 7.5 cm from it. Wait for more leaves to grow and the roots become stronger.

2. Time to plant!

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Find a large flowerpot, with a diameter of about 25 inches at least, and fill it with good and rich soil. Make a small hole in the middle of the soil and plant the core with its roots down, and half the core is still exposed.

Tip of Champions: It is recommended to use a pot with a hole in the bottom to have good drainage

It is recommended to water the core regularly and generously, as you make sure the soil is constantly moist but not overly wet. If you notice the leaves change color to yellow or wilt, let the avocado core time to dry and then continue to water but in smaller quantities. If you notice that the leaves turn brown and dry, you probably do not water enough. Put the pot under the sink and gently water it as you make sure the water goes out of the drainage hole at the bottom.

3. Enjoy your works

You did it!

Continue to water and take care of your home avocado and within a short while, you will start to see fruits show up.

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