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Stop buying garlic - with this trick you can grow unlimited supply of garlic in your kitchen





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Garlic does wonders not only to your body - it also adds alot of taste to your cookings.

No matter if you are using garlic to add flavor to your cooking or eating garlic to maintain a healthy body, there is no reason to go and buy it at the supermarket or grocery store.

In fact, you can easily grow it at your home kitchen.

Good for your health

Numerous studies have shown that garlic is good for the heart. Because it contains a substance called hydrogen sulfide, which positively affects blood vessels. Small amounts of hydrogen sulfide stimulates the blood vessel walls and allows them to expand.

"In places where garlic consumption is high, as in Mediterranean countries or the far East, there are fewer cases of cardiovascular diseases", said David Crob to BBC News.

Strengthens the immune system

Many people eat garlic to protect themselves against cold and diseases. Garlic stimulates the immune system, but there is no scientific evidence that it helps against cold.

But that does not mean that is not effective against a cold, because many people feel relieved once they eat garlic.

Helps fighting diseases

If you eat garlic regularly, it can lower cholesterol. Garlic contains Aliain, which turns into Allicin when it is crushed or choped. Allicin lowers blood pressure and makes the body feel better.

I like this

It's very easy to grow

In addition to the fact that he is healthy and delicious, it is also very easy to grow garlic in the kitchen.

All you have to do is follow these four steps:

1. take garlic cloves and burry them under 5 cm of dirt, unstapled, and moist.

2. Plant them with the pointy part upwards, and place the pot in window with sunlight.

3. Make sure that the water have somewhere to drain into, or the garlic will rot.

4. Cut the flowers at the base when they bloom. When garlic leaves stop growing and become brown, short them and plant more garlic cloves.

I like this

and that's all. It's realy that simple, and you will have an endless supply of delicious and healthy garlic.


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