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This is how you'll grow a wonderful spice garden at home that will last forever!





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Spices can be wonderful plants inside and out - its relatively easy to take care of them and they usuualy not grow too much.

Spice garden is a wonderful addition to any kitchen, as well as a health matter, and of course add flavor to our eating.

No matter if you use basil for pasta, or you add a little mint to your lemonade, spice gardens are a great way to add fresh ingredients in a little money in your daily menu.

But if you are afraid to begin your spice garden, here are 5 tips you need to know.

1. Sunshine Vs. shadow

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Most spices will grow just fine if they will sit near a lighted window with some shade. But there are spices that will grow and flourish far better if they receive direct sunlight, such as basil. Other spices, such as coriander, like a little more low temperatures and shade.

So if you notice that one of your spices does not seem green enough, you should check to see if it gets too much or not enough sun.

2. Finding the right tool

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Despite these gardens with glass jars look great, they do not always correspond for a beginning gardener. Most spices need drain - and the jars do not give it. Make sure you find pots with holes in the bottom that will allow the water to get out so the spices do not drown.

In addition, you will want to put quality soil in your pot. For spices, put in good soil bought at the nursery. Such captures the moisture inside. If you notice the soil is too dry, try adding more tied, and water it more frequently.

3. Irrigation - when and how

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Anyone who starts a garden always wonder how and when to irrigate it. Well, if you grow spices, you will want to water every two or three days, or when the soil feels dry on top.

But is there a correct time on it should be watered? For spice gardens who are out under the sun, watering early in the morning or in the evening will keep the soil moist longer.

4. How to prune correctly

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Most people do not know that spices have flowers, and most people do not know these flowers can change the flavor of the spices. Yes - just like that! If you notice a small white flower that come up on them on your own basil, you should prune them.

5. Harvest time!

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When you harvest the spices, it is important to make sure not to harvest everything at once. As with pruning, the harvest needs balance, otherwise you risk damaging the health of your plants.

Tip of Champions: If you want to save money, try to dry the spices - it's much cheaper than buying dry spices at the supermarket.


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