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He connected plastic bottles to a cardboard and put it on the window, for a genius reason!





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Just like the saying "The neighbour's grass is always greener" - people who live in cold places always complain they want a warmed summer, and on the other side there are the people who live in warmed places, who dream of a cold breeze to chill in.

In many places around the world there is air conditioning, but try to image your life without air conditioning or even a fan - in such conditions sitting even under the shades of a building would be intolerable.

Unfortunately, there are places in the world where such a scenario is their daily reality, and Bangaladesh is one of them - temperatures are extremely hot, and alot of the population live without electricity. But now a simple invention makes miracles for this huge problem, and provide some comfort to thousands of people around the country.

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In the villages there are 28,000 people living without electricity. The temperatures in summer can reach up to 45 degrees celcius - so you can image to yourself what it's like to live in a small tin hut in a weather like this.

Grey Dhaka, the Bangaladesh's extension of the american marketing company Grey Group, gathered and formed a simple but genius idea. The first ever air conditioning solution that works without electricity - based on physical rules, and all it's made from is a cardboard an plastic bottles.

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You can prepare this air conditioner yourself, all you need is a large cardboard, make holes in it, cut a few plastic bottles to halves and put them inside the holes in the cardboard, and then hang it infront of the window.

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The logic behind it, is that the warm air enters on the open side of the bottle, and then gets compressed in the bottleneck, that cools it before entering the house.

The inventor of this air conditioner, Ashis Paul, said: "Bangaladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world, where 80% of the population is below poverty level without electricty. Eco-Cooler was initially designed to be built for free and from products with low impact on the environment".

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It is a very simple method that uses recycled bottles - so not only there's no electricity involved, but also it is a good service for the environment.

This air conditioning solution cools the temperatures by 5 degrees celcius, it may not sound much - but it makes a big different in the boiling heat.

More than 25,000 homes use Eco-Cooler in different parts of Bangaladesh.

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