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Forget about dirty stove and stubborn stains - here is the effective trick that your friends will beg to know





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Induction stoves not only save money compared to gas or electric stoves, but they are easier to clean. Or so they are supposed to be, according to the manufacturers..

That is until boiling potato water is spilled, the oil splatters outside the pan or you accidentally burn food on them.

The industry is aware of this and sells various products for cleaning glass stoves. And there is no problem with these products - apart from the fact that they are very expensive.

But since you can actually achieve the same results with simple components you already have at home, we thought we'd share six tricks that will make your stove shine like new.

1. Lemon juice

The acidity of the lemon not only works great against fat, but also against bacteria. In addition, it gives a new shine to the stove.

Squeeze lemon juice and pour it on the stove, or cut a lemon in half and rub it on the dirty areas, then wipe the surface with a clean damp cloth.

2. Vinegar and baking soda powder

Was the pot in which you cooked pasta too small or did the water in which you cooked the potatoes overflow from the pot? This solution is perfect for cleaning up a baked-on mess.

You need:

Pour some vinegar on the stove and then pour the baking soda powder over the vinegar. Spread the mixture with a cloth dipped in hot water. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes, or if you have time, let it sit overnight. Then you can lightly wipe the dirt with a towel.

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3. A river of water

If burnt food just won't come off, pour water on the stove. The edge of the stove is usually raised, so you can create a small 'river' on it.

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Pour baking soda powder around the plates, then pour boiling water over it. Then carefully scrape off the dirt with steel wool.

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4. Sugar cubes

It may sound strange, but many people use sugar cubes to scrub burnt food.

And best of all? It works and most people have sugar cubes on hand.

5. Newspaper, ashes and water

Wiping a glass stove with a piece of newspaper dipped in wood stove ash can do wonders.

Wet a piece of newspaper and dip it in ash from a wood stove (if you have one). Then wipe the glass surface and watch the dirt disappear. Then, clean the glass with a cloth or newspaper.

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6. Toothpaste

Try scrubbing the glass of the stove with some toothpaste and a sponge.

If the plates are really dirty, you can leave the toothpaste on for about an hour and then wash it off. Wipe with hot water and you will have a clean and shiny stove!

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A clean stove makes the whole kitchen look nice and clean. With these six tips, you'll have a shiny stove without expensive products or toxic chemicals.

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