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Very few people can solve this math exercise without using a calculator - can you?





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We all know how important it is to do sports regularly if we want to live a long and happy life. But what people forget is that it's just as important to train your brain, especially when you're getting older.

There are of course many ways to train the brain like crossword puzzles, sudoku, which were very popular a few years ago. But recently there are new challenges that are causing waves of frustration and nerves on the internet.

Challenging the mind is never a bad thing, your mind becomes clearer after it challenges itself. And not in the way you challenge it in your work. There is no pressure here, just satisfaction from these exercises.

The challenge below is one of our favorites!

Try to recall school's math classes

Challenges like the one you see below are becoming popular online. And this is not an impossible math, but a basic elementary school stuff. Which is perhaps why it's so much fun to take part in these challenges, just trying to remember the process brings a bit of nostalgia and at the same time a sense of satisfaction.

I like this

Solve the exercise - without a calculator

Okay, and now for the exercise. Below you will see a picture of a math exercise. Can you solve it without a calculator - and what is the answer you got?

I like this

How was it?

Take your time and concentrate!

Below you will find the correct answer.

Here is the solution

The answer is 104.

Why 104 is the correct answer? You're probably asking yourself.

First we have to calculate the multiplication, 25 x 0 equals 0.

So we have 50 + 50 - 0 + 2 + 2 that is equal to 104.

So again, the answer is 104.

Did you solve it right? Well done then! Now share the exercise with your friends and see if they too will succeed!


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