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The way you do these 7 things reveals secrets about your personality





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Let's face it. Life can repeat itself. Like characters in the movie 'Groundhog day', we do the same things over and over again. And as soon as we stop thinking about them, they become habits.

Take for example changing toilet paper. Every time the roll of toilet paper runs out, I put a new roll in the exact same direction. If someone puts it in the opposite direction, I change the direction and tell myself 'this is how it should be'. But until now, I never thought about what it means about me and about my personality.

Well, it turns out that our habits reveal a great deal about us. Here are seven common habits that indicate our true personality.

1. The way you sleep

If you usually sleep on your back, well done! This means that you are calm and relaxed people. People who sleep on their back feel comfortable with themselves and have a healthy self-awareness. They are ready and willing to take on new responsibilities and absorb new information. But if they sleep with their arms and legs sticking out, they may be arrogant.

Sleeping in the fetal position or with your legs folded towards your stomach is a sign that you are anxious or feel insecure. You feel better when you know someone has your back and protects you in life. On the other hand, if you sleep on your stomach, you are the type of person who takes charge. People who sleep on their stomachs enjoy being responsible in different situations and think that their opinion is the best and the right one. And because they don't know how to accept criticism, they can be very stubborn.

People who sleep on their side are analytical and can be trusted. They adapt well to new situations, and easily overcome adversity and problems.

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2. Your handwriting

Has anyone ever complained that your handwriting is unreadably small? If so, it may mean that you are a little shy. On the other hand, people with large handwriting are extroverted and charismatic. If you don't leave a big space between the letters, it usually means that you like to be around people.

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3. The way you drive

Have you noticed that some people hold the steering wheel with one hand? These people are usually calm and relaxed drivers. But people who hold the steering wheel with two hands and put them at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock closely obey the traffic laws, so writes Tom Vanderbilt who wrote the book Traffic: Why We Drive The Way We Do and What It Says About us.

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4. The way you send email

We wouldn't have guessed, but according to Business Insider, a person's email behavior can reveal a great deal about their personality. People who use the words 'I' or 'mine' in their emails are usually self-centered people. Another email style that says a lot about your personality is the way you organize your inbox. If your mailbox is full of unread emails, you are probably a little stressed and maybe even suffering from anxiety. People who read the emails and immediately delete them after answering them like to be in control and enjoy order and organization.

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5. Your eating habits

There is always someone in the office who has a lot of food left on their plate while others have eaten everything down to the last crumb. According to the Huffington Post, this person is someone who appreciates the little things in life. He takes his time and doesn't like to rush. But slow eating may also indicate a poor and abnormal appetite.

People who eat fast are impatient and usually feel like they have a lot to do. In addition, eating fast is not healthy for your body.

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6. Your passion

Do you like chocolate? If so, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Chocolate lovers are sensitive, flirtatious, and dramatic. And according to MSN Wellness, many women and macho men really like chocolate.

People who like citrus fruits are concerned about their health, but they have a tendency to suffer from anxiety. And that's perfect, because citrus fruits have a calming effect. In addition, people who like spicy food are people who pay attention to details and appreciate the little things in life.

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7. The way you put the roll of toilet paper

Have you noticed that you always put the toilet paper roll in the same direction? Well, there's a reason for that. An article published in Business Insider revealed a 124-year-old patent that shows how the roll of toilet paper is supposed to hang. The correct way is that the paper should roll from above, not from below.

According to relationship expert Gilda Carle, studies have shown that people who hang the toilet paper so that it rolls up from the bottom and behind are humble people and sometimes even think they are inferior. People who hang the toilet paper so that the paper rolls from the top are the most dominant.

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It's always fun to learn about habits and the things they say about us.


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