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I never thought of it, but this method of serving watermelon in the summer is just genius!​





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When the days are hot and the sun is beating down, it's always great to cool off with a cold watermelon. But unfortunately, watermelon can be a mess, especially when cut into slices like most of us do.

So when we came across this trick, we had to try it. This isn't only a smart approach when it comes to the way you cut watermelon - when you cut it into ready-to-eat snacks, but it is also a wonderful way to serve it when you host friends or family and want to enjoy a cool and delicious dessert.

Follow the instructions below and learn how to best cut and serve watermelon!

1. Place the watermelon on the cutting board and cut it in half.

I like this

2. Turn the two halves over. If you don't want the shell, you can cut it off.

I like this

3. Cut the watermelon into slices

I like this

4. Then turn the watermelon and cut in the opposite direction. Now you have made pieces that are easy to pull out and eat, and they won't get dirty either.

I like this

5. But if you also want to serve the watermelon in a nice and easy way - take a bowl of suitable size.

I like this

6. Put one hand over the bowl and the other hand under the cutting board, then turn everything together..

I like this

7. And Voila! You can now serve perfect watermelon sticks right out of the bowl

I like this

Watch the full video tutorial below:

I like this


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