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The first body part you wash in the shower reveals amazing details about your personality





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If you have done yoga, then you've probably heard the guide that describes your body as a sacred temple. Maybe there's something in it.

After all, this 'temple' holds within it emotions and energies that make us do the things we want in life.

There are even some ancient cultures that claim that the first organ in the body that you wash reveals a great deal about your personality.

The belief is that you, unknowingly, see this area as the holiest in your body.

Read the list and find out what your bathing habits reveal about you!


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The foot is a symbol of humility.

People who wash their feet first in the shower are people with their feet on the ground, and appreciate what they have in life.


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The palms have always been a symbol of strength, unity and solidarity.

People who wash their hands first when entering the shower do not allow fear to affect their lives.

They are usually idealists and will stand behind what is right.


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The face is the body organ that allows us to see, hear, smell and taste.

People who wash their faces first are usually worried about how they look to others.

Such people can get stressed easily and are usually shy.

Shoulders and neck

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People who wash their shoulders or neck first are usually competitive types. They work hard for what they want.

Such people do not like to be told 'no', and will do anything to achieve their dreams and goals in life.


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The chest is a sensitive area for all mammals, which is why many try to protect this area at all costs.

The belief is that if you wash your chest first, you are people who feel comfortable and confident about your body.

Your self-esteem is an object of admiration, It will take you on the right path in life.


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People who wash their armpits first are people who can usually be trusted.

They are sociable and will always try to help a friend - don't forget to be nice to them back!

The private area

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People who wash their private area first are quiet and generally shy people.

It is very difficult to get close to them and they usually do not like to do scenes in public.

Their sensitive nature can bother them at times, but in reality they are the most real people there are.

Hair / head

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The head is an area linked to power and order.

People who go into the shower and immediately wash their hair are practical and realistic people.

They do not like to waste time, which is why they are sometimes very careful with a routine.

Arms or legs

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Arms and legs help us as we walk around different parts of the world - many people see these organs as a means to an end.

People who wash their arms or legs first are nonchalant people.

They can spend a lot of time daydreaming. They like to plan vacations and may have a tendency to identify themselves as "nomads".

The back

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Like the chest, the back is another area that is considered vulnerable in our subconscious.

As a result, people who wash their backs first are cautious and restrained people. They can be introverted and enjoy solitude.

So, which part of the body do you wash first?

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