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A woman was preparing for her wedding, 7 hours later, her husband barely recognized her





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Hair styling is not considered a very complicated profession. But every now and then, hair dressers and hair stylists face particularly big challenges.

Take for example hair styler Sarah Pestala, who works in a salon in Florida. When Holly walked into the salon, she knew she was facing a big challenge.

Security guard Holly walked into the salon in her work clothes, her long, unkempt hair reaching her waist!

But that day, she was determined to change her look. After all, it was her wedding day.

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Holly hasn't had a haircut in years. Her hair was dry, damaged and partially dyed.

Holly grew her hair because her father once told her: "Women need to have long hair to be attractive".

His words stayed with Holly, and for years she refused to cut her hair short. But soon everything was about to change..

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Holly was about to get married - and finally felt it was time for a new look.

A team of experts had to get everything done on time. At first, the barbers cut 60cm of hair.

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Then it took 7 hours and 4 different steps to dye Holly's hair.

Look at the final result - amazing, isn't it?

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"Holly feels beautiful in her body", said the hair styler Sarah, adding that she feels proud to be part of such a big transformation.

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Wow, what a change!

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Not only does Holly have a new haircut, the makeover also made her feel better inside - and that's actually what's most important.

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