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Her husband died suddenly - 6 years later, she found a homeless man in the woods and realized the hard truth





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Generosity and courtesy are contagious, but unfortunately not everyone understands how true this is.

When you have more than you need, don't build a higher fence - build a longer table.

The story of Michael Faling and his son Corey is a story of solidarity, warmth and love - but none of these would have been possible without Mel Kathyrun Wood.

Read the story below.

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Michael Faling lives in the city of Spokane, in Northwestern United States. He is also a single father to 12-year-old Corey.

All his life, Michael tried to provide his son with everything he needed and raised him in the best and safest environment possible - but unfortunately, fate had other plans for them.

One day, Michael was fired from his job, and very quickly failed to pay the rent. They were evicted from their apartment and fell into a vicious cycle of poverty.

The father and son were desperate and helpless. With no family or friends who could help and support them, they looked for a place to sleep in the homeless shelters in the city.

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But none of the city's welfare organizations were able to arrange a room for them.

So Michael turned to the only place he felt safe - the forest. They had almost no food, and the father was broken - how could he send his son to school on an empty stomach?

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Occasionally they managed to find a place to sleep in one of the shelters but usually they had to sleep in different rooms.

Michael tried to maintain an uplifting mood, but his son did not understand why no one was helping them.

"My son kept saying to me, 'Why doesn't anyone love us?'", The father said.

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Michael was aware of an organization in the city that helps homeless people find apartments, but the waiting list was long.

After fighting for months, Michael was ready to give up.

And that was the moment Mel Woods appeared in their lives.

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She heard about the story of the father and son living in the woods and located them.

Mel, who runs a small business in the city, knew she wanted to help and make a difference in their lives.

Six years earlier, her husband Kevin died suddenly of an illness. Since then, she has lived with her three children and the family dog, Moses.

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When Mel heard about the difficult fate of Michael and Corey, she revealed what a big heart she has.

She happened to have a room for two in her house, and after meeting the father and son, she offered them to live in her house until Michael found a job.

Many thought Mel was crazy for letting a stranger homeless man to live inside her house, but after her husband passed away, Mel was not afraid of anything.

Helping others was her way of recovering.

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"I think it should be natural (to help others)", she says.

Thanks to Mel's generous invitation, Corey was finally able to go to school regularly - and without being hungry.

"Corey could finally be a kid again", Michael said.

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Thanks to the new stability in his life, Michael got a shot of energy and his self-confidence returned to him, and he works hard in search of a new job. It is great to hear!

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Sometimes it seems that those who have lost the most, have the most to give.

Mel's generous and wonderful gesture changed the lives of Michael and Corey - and her kindness is something everyone should be inspired by.

Please share this moving story if you agree that more people need to support those who are going through a difficult time.


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