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A beautiful girl trimmed her hair, her stunning makeover stunned everyone





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Most people who want to make a change or a makeover in their appearance do so for aesthetic reasons. They just want to be more beautiful and feel better on the inside.

But there are people who go to the hairdresser for completely different reasons. And that was certainly the case with a young girl named Laura.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Laura turned to Jerome Lordt at the Pierre Michelle Beauty Salon in New York.

She wanted to give herself a new look for improving her self-confidence before she was about to start chemotherapy treatments.

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But Jerome knew exactly what to do to make Laura happy. He wanted to help her through the difficult times she was going through, and poured his heart into the upheaval.

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Laura not only wanted a new look, she wanted something that would lift the mood and give her a positive feeling before she started the treatments.

Jerome started by shortening her long brown hair. It was a small shock at first, but Laura knew it was part of the plan.

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While Jerome did her hair cut, Laura had no idea what the end result would be.

As you can see, Jerome cut off a large part of her hair. No wonder Laura was worried.

Laura could not help but run her fingers through her new haircut several times.

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Jerome was not the only one who helped Laura with the upheaval. One of the beauty salon's talented makeup artists, Catherine, has completed Laura's makeover.

Catherine used mascara, eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick to emphasize Laura's beautiful face. And her new look was just amazing!

Watch the video and see Laura's amazing makeover. Wow!

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It must have been amazing for Laura to see her new look. And congratulations to Jerome Lordt and the staff of the Pierre Michelle Beauty Salon. Well done!

Share Laura's amazing makeover if you too thought she looked wonderful!


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