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When she stopped showering every day I thought she was crazy.. but the truth is absolutely amazing





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A shower is part of the daily routine no one wonders about. It keeps us clean, happy, and starts our day right. But what if you found out you've been showering wrong all your life?

It sounds crazy, but science claims there are several ways we make ourselves less healthy without even knowing it. And when you see what not to do, you'll never shower the same way again.

1. Showering every day may damage the delicate balance of oils, the natural flora, and other microscopic organisms that keep our immune system healthy.

Instead of showering every day, go with your gut feeling. Take a shower when you feel dirty, but don't panic if you miss a day.

2. A long shower is a waste. The water dries the skin as the shower goes on

A shower should be under 20 minutes in water that is not too hot.

3. We were taught that soap gets rid of all the bad bacteria, but that's not always the case

The truth is that soap prevents our body from developing immunity to certain bacteria, which make us sicker. Limit the use of soap.

4. You don't have to watch all over your body, dirt doesn't cause diseases. So only wash the intimate areas and the armpits

Avoid antibacterial soap that kills the bacteria we need

5. Allowing the hot water to run over your face is a bad idea. It is pleasant and fun, but the truth is that it causes irritation to the skin

Our facial skin is more delicate, and it does not need scrubbing to remove various impurities

6. Using loofah soap is common but not a good idea. What happens is that you fill it with bacteria that have accumulated on you during the day

Change the loofah soap every two months, and/or wash it and put it in the microwave on high power for 30-60 seconds

7. Washing with hot water is a bad idea. The feeling is indeed good, but the combination damages the hair

To wash and not damage the hair, wash only the scalp and not the ends of the hair, and wash with lukewarm and not too hot water

8. When the water contains a large amount of calcium, it is considered 'hard' water, which can cause skin irritations

As before, the same advice against washing with hot shower for too long applies here

9. We think that the more thorough the face wash, the better job it does. Well, that couldn't be further from the truth

Face washes can completely dry out the skin and damage it more severely

10. Using an old razor allows bacteria to come into direct contact with the facial skin

Make sure there are no bacteria swimming on your razor by soaking it in vinegar for 5-10 minutes every few weeks.

I had no idea about all this, and these things definitely opened my eyes. I feel like I need a cold shower!


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