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15 shower rooms that are so spectacular you'd wish one was built in your home as well





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It is perhaps the place where we give the most attention and relaxation for our body and soul, where we clean ourselves and sometimes even find some quite time off the day's hardships and daydreams.

Yes, it is hard to describe what our home and life would look like without our shower. However, most designs of a shower room in the various houses is pretty much the same, but if you search carefully and good enough you can find some unusual shower rooms in their appearance - such as the 15 showers and bathrooms in the following photos, which are so carefully designed, that none of you wouldn't one of them in his home.

1. A special shower illuminated with bluish fluorescent lights - for club and discotheque enthusiasts


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2. An old Chinese sage once said: "If you can't take your shower out to nature - bring nature into it"


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3. Also taking your shower outside to the yard is a worthwhile option


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4. The blue and gray colour that dominate this well-designed shower room undoubtedly make you want to indulge in a good shower


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5. You can simply dive into this green landscape while doing a shower or bath in this spectacular shower room


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6. A touch away from the far east - a Japanese-style designed shower room, which also includes a flowering garden


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7. A combination of dark colors and shades of gold can always give the shower a unique and glamorous feel


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8. Gold-colored oriental decorations and magnificent design make this shower eye-catching


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9. Needless to say in words - this is just an elegant shower


A post shared by Nathalie Aguirre | Design (@nathalie_interiors) on

10. Apparently there is nothing fancy here, but the clean and modern design for this bath room has caught our eyes


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11. This is for all those who want monotonous printings that some of the showers are designed with


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12. Sometimes it doesn't take more than a big shower head and simple but relaxing design to make us happy


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13. The photo of this shower shows us that space saving shouldn't always come at the expense of design


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14. This transparent roof allows sunlight to flood this stunning shower during the day, and at night the starlight penetrates and illuminates it with a magical shade that can only be imagined


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15. A shower that is like a waterfall, a fancy wooden design with green plants hanging on the wall, and above all a piece of the blue sky - what more does a man need in his shower?


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