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Mother asked her 3-year-old son why he takes so long in the bathroom, the boy's answer made us laugh





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Little kids are so cute! Although they can sometimes cross hands, be stubborn and demand everything, they are also a source of inspiration and laughter.

When you are small children, you have no filters, unlike adults, you say whatever comes to your mind - no matter what the situation is.

A child's logic is different from ours. And this funny story about a 3-year-old boy sitting on the toilet is a wonderful proof of that.

A few days ago we came across this story and it is so entertaining and charming that we had to share it with you - remember to share it even if you liked it!

3-year-old Ronny sat on the toilet to do 'number 2'. Along with him was a small book which he looked at. But every few seconds he put the book down, held the toilet with one hand, then hit himself on the head with the other hand.

"Why is it taking you so long?"

His mother, who was happy that Ronny started to wean and go to the bathroom alone, was a little stressed because Ronny had already been in the bathroom for a long time.

About 20 minutes passed, and mom came over and gently opened the door.

“Ronny, why is it taking you so long? You've been inside for quite some time".

Ronny answered:

"I'm fine mom, but I haven't pooped yet".

"Why are you hitting yourself in the head?"

The mother was still worried and opened the door to check on her child.

He was sitting quietly on the toilet with the book, so he put it down and gave himself a few blows on the head.

"But Ronny, you've been sitting there for a long time, why are you hitting yourself in the head?", asked the confused mother.

So Ronny answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"It works with ketchup".

I like this

What a wonderful story! Children are just cute! Now share the story so that your friends can read it too.


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