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Son donated his late mother's dolls to a thrift store - when the staff opened a secret envelope inside, they were shocked





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Losing someone dear is very sad and if we were particularly close to that person it makes it even harder. And to add to the grieving process, you also have to start dealing with the long and tedious process of inheritance problems - as well as cleaning and emptying the house or area of the deceased loved one.

When his mother Millie passed away in 2017, her son, Ray Rhinehart from California, had nothing to do with her porcelain doll collection.

So Ray decided the best thing he could do was donate them to a thrift store.

Ray gave the dolls to a store in Santa Monica, which is run by the American Cancer Society, with all profits from the store being donated to cancer research.

They never thought to inspect the dolls closely, or look inside the boxes in which they were stored.

About two months later, he received a surprising phone call.

I like this

"I received a phone call and was told that .. we found an envelope inside one of the dolls' boxes", Ray said. "And it seems that there is a lot of money in it".

At first Ray thought 'a lot of money' was something like $100. But as he would soon discover, it turned out to be much more than that, much more..

The staff at the thrift store discovered $36,000 in cash hidden inside an envelope.

The money was returned to Ray, and the dolls are also now in good hands - since the discovery they have been donated to an orphanage.

It's amazing that the store staff was honest enough to let Ray know about his inheritance money and make sure the money goes into the right hands! Share to pay respect to their integrity and if you agree we need more such people in the world!


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