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He bought a 125 year old desk in a market, and then discovered it had a secret compartment...





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67-year-old Emil Noodle likes to go to the market and find good deals – so when he heard about the market in Belleville, Texas, he decided to go there.

And it's not been too long after he arrived until he found something he had to buy: a beautiful 125 years old drawers desk made from walnut wood with a top part from marble.

Emil decided he's going to buy the drawers cabin without knowing what's inside, and he paid $100 for it.

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Emil open his wallet and paid for the ark, but he quickly discovered that it was worth much more than $100.

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When Emil loaded the cabinet, he heard something rustling, so he looked closer and realized that the cabinet has a secret compartment.

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The discovery dropped Emil's jaw to the floor!

In the secret compartment were jewelry, diamonds, gold and silver coins, medals, gems, gems, and more. It was a real treasure box.

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And while many people would keep the treasure that fell from the sky, Emil did something amazing.

He decided to return the treasure box to its original owner.

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It turned our that the cabinet belonged to the grandparent of the person who sold it at the market. The seller had no idea there was a secret compartment in the dresser.

And with this happy ending, now there's another reason for Emil to love to go to markets.

"I always go to garage sales with an open mind. You never know what you'll find", he said to CNN.

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Don't miss the clip.

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