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You will feel like new: how to open the sinuses in a few seconds using only your hands!





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When people have a cold they usually turn to medications to treat the problem.

But the problem can be easily solved in other ways as well, without using medications. Many techniques are based on physics rather than chemistry, and lead to the same result, if not better.

Feeling of congestion in the nose, throat and ears can be solved with the help of simple and effective ways. You'll also feel a relief immediately with the help of touching specific pressure points.

1. Use your tongue and press between the eyebrows

The purpose of this technique is to reduce or remove a build-up of mucus, which causes sinus blockage. Acupressure can help a lot in such cases. Just pressing certain points in the body stimulates the flow of fluids and you'll\ immediately get rid of phlegm and your breathing will improve.

You must push your tongue to the roof of your mouth. And at the same time, press with your finger on the spot between the eyebrows, and hold the position for 20 seconds.

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Once you release the finger and tongue, you'll feel a forward movement towards the back of the tongue as the accumulated phlegm becomes softer.

2. Apply pressure to the eyebrows

In cases of blockage of high sinuses in the forehead area, you must act differently in order to open the high sinuses in the nose.

The famous massage therapist Amber Lynn Vital claims that applying pressure to the eyebrows causes the movement of phlegm. Place your fingers at the beginning of each eyebrow, close to the midpoint between the eyebrows, lean your head forward, leaning on your elbows.

Once the pressure changes after a few seconds, you should move your fingers to the middle of the eyebrows. Hold until you feel relief.

Then slide your fingers to the ends of your eyebrows, and press for a few seconds or move your fingers in circular motions to cause the mucus to move through the forehead. Once this happens, the pressure in the center of your head will disappear.

Watch the demo in the video below:

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3. Mini massage

Massage is a wonderful treatment that provides many health benefits. Massage improves blood flow and increases circulation, providing oxygen and additional nutrients to the body.

Therefore, you will get a lot of benefit from a little massage in the sinus area. Massage therapist Heather Wibles offers several quick massages to get rid of the pressure and phlegm that has accumulated in the sinuses.

You have to press the collarbone firmly with the tips of your fingers in order to cause the phlegm to move. You should feel as if you are clearing your throat. Your ears will open when the pressure decreases.

Another way to clear the sinuses is to make a V motion with the hands, and lightly press the neck to stimulate fluid movement. The result is due to pumping in the lymphatic system.

All methods are effective in opening sinuses and in a completely natural way, without the use of drugs.

Watch the video to see how to do it exactly:

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