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5 critical signs of a lack of nutrients in the body that can be seen on the face





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Lack of vitamins in the body can cause serious health problems, and even death. When the body suffers from a lack of nutrients, its entire structure is damaged, and all functions suffer from an imbalance.

Vitamin A deficiency has killed more than 8 million children over the past 12 years, and more than a billion suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which is even considered an epidemic.

This imbalance in the body can sometimes be seen externally, so you may experience various skin problems.

Here are the five most common signs that appear on the face and indicate a lack of vitamins and minerals:

1. Bleeding gums

Vitamin C deficiency can lead to bleeding gums, as well as nosebleeds and swollen joints. Our body does not produce or store this vitamin, so it is important to consume it through your food.

It is recommended to consume Guava, broccoli, red pepper, kiwi, Strawberries, and citrus fruits.

2. Pale lips

Pale lips are a common symptom of iron deficiency - the most common nutrient. Many people suffer from anemia and exhaustion due to lack of iron in their body.

It is recommended to consume spirulina, spinach, lentils, dark chocolate, and green leaves.

3. Very pale skin

If your skin is very pale, then your body probably needs vitamin B12. Other symptoms of this vitamin deficiency include skin problems and fatigue. Animal products are rich in vitamin B12, but supplements can also be consumed.

4. Swollen eyes

Puffy eyes sometimes indicate a lack of sleep, but also a lack of iodine. It is recommended to avoid or limit salt intake. Iodine will help increase thyroid activity, and reduce swelling.

It is recommended to consume seaweed, pasteurized eggs, and beans.

5. Dry hair

If your hair becomes brittle and dry, and you suffer from dandruff, you may be suffering from a deficiency of biotin or vitamin B7 - possibly due to the use of antibiotics.

It is recommended to consume nuts, green peas, sunflower seeds, avocado, and mushrooms.


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