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This mother's boyfriend called her a 'fat pig' - 7 years later she got the ultimate revenge





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For most of her adult life, Alvina Rayne of Philadelphia was unhappy. 32-year-old Rayne suffered from obesity, and filled her emptiness with food.

She entered a vicious circle. When she felt bad she ate - and when she ate more, she felt worse.

The mother of two reached a weight of 112 kg, and her boyfriend at the time called her a 'fat pig' and a 'piece of trash'.

But one day, she decided that was enough. She decided to make a change in her life.

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Outwardly Alvina always tried to smile. But inside, she was devastated.

"One of her habits was to get herself into relationships that she knew wouldn't be good for her. Her boyfriend would call her horrible names like 'disgusting' and 'fat pig'".

And Alvina had only one solution.

She drowned her sorrows in food. And a lot of food.

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Alvina consumed more than 5000 calories a day, which is 2.5 times the recommended amount for every woman.

This is what she ate on an average day:

Breakfast: 2 large bowls of cereal

Snacks: sandwiches, salty snacks, and cola

Lunch: some kind of fast food

Dinner: fast food, bagel with cream, fried chicken, and other prepared meals

Dessert: ice cream, chocolate, cereal

When she would go up the stairs, Alvina would become exhausted - and she also noticed that she no longer slept well in bed. She began to develop symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

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But it is not easy to break such habits. Alvina knew she had a bad relationship with food, but she didn't realize it until these warning signs appeared.

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Alvina's clothes could no longer fit on her, and she had to buy men's clothes.

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So, when Alvina was 25, she decided to change everything. She finally left her boyfriend and started eating healthy and exercising.

Alvina halved the amount of carbohydrates and it didn't take long before she started to see changes.

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When she saw how her body was changing, it inspired her to further leave her bad habits behind.

In the end, Alvina became a happy woman who loves life and is able to overcome her inner demons.

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It is almost impossible to recognize her today. Alvina looks like a fitness model!

What a great inspiration this girl is. And at the same time, the important thing is that she feels much better now.

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According to Alvina, as soon as she lost weight, her ex wanted her back.

But Alvina just laughed.

"When I was fat I had high blood pressure, an onset of type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, I suffered from anxiety, and panic attacks", Alvina said. "Today I don't suffer from any of them after 7 years in which I suffered".

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Alvina now has a YouTube channel where she inspires others who are in similar situations.

"I want others to know that they can start their lives over, and don't have to stay in the same place, it's so powerful to know that you have control over your body and your life", she said.

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Today, Alvina is a healthy and happy woman. She feels better and has found other ways to deal with stress.

And she also found a new love.

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Now Alvina has found her right man. And her husband, Sasha, loves her for who she is.

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