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A hairdresser looked down at her client's scalp - found a critical discovery and said 4 words that saved her life





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When Eileen Curry went to her regular hairdresser, she got a lot more than just a haircut.

As her hairdresser worked on her hair, she discovered something that probably saved her life.

This story proves how important it is to pay attention to the medical advice of others!

For many years, Eileen worked as a health reporter for a television channel in the United States.

Even health professionals can get sick - and for Eileen, things could have been a lot worse if it wasn't for her hairdresser.

Eileen has been getting her hair cut by hairdresser Kerry Phillips for the past 15 years.

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"It doesn't look right"

Naturally, the two women developed a friendship over the years, so when Kerry noticed something strange during one of her client's visits, she didn't hesitate to tell her.

She noticed a large spot on Eileen's scalp, a spot that hadn't been there the previous month.

"We can see the whole scalp", said hairdresser Kerry. "It doesn't look right, I don't remember seeing it. And I want you to have your dermatologist check it out", she told Eileen.

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Life saving advice

Eileen took her hairdresser's advice and went to see a specialist - and it was a good thing she did. The doctor immediately ordered a biopsy, and as he thought - Eileen had melanoma.

"I wouldn't have seen it. I wouldn't have felt it, because it wasn't noticeable. There was nothing to see or feel", she said.

Thanks to her hairdresser, the melanoma was detected at an early stage and was still at skin level. It was successfully removed without the need for further treatment.

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Eileen said she is forever grateful to her hairdresser for her wonderful eye, and that she always protects herself from the sun - a tip everyone should take to heart.

Please share this knowledge about melanoma and skin cancer.


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