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Husband wanted his wife to keep the gray hair: got the surprise of his life when she unveiled her new look





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Getting indulged with a new look or getting a make over can elevate the mood of each and every one, on a superficial level and also on a deeper level.

Why wouldn't you want to take the opportunity to get a new look by professional stylists?

And sometimes the offer can come much faster than you imagined.

Lourdez Hambrick is a 52-year-old woman who lives in Texas with her husband. She was standing in the street watching 'The Today Show Live' broadcast when she was randomly selected and offered to do a make over.

The nursing student hesitated at first, but was also excited about what the stylists would do to her.

Two women were selected for the show that day, which is broadcasted live from New York.

First was the Lourdez Hambrick from Texas.

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Lourdez was expecting her make over, but her husband was apprehensive.

He loved her graying hair and admitted he did not want the hair stylists to dye it.

But once he saw his wife's new look? He had to admit she looked amazing!

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Don't miss her husband's tremendous response. At that moment, one can see how happy he is for his wife.

She could not stop the tears after seeing how her husband reacted to her new look. This couple has won everyone's heart!

The next woman in line was Pam Kincheloe, who has gone through several careers. She was a nurse, midwife, and lawyer.

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She admitted that she didn't go to the hairdresser for a long time, so she did not change her appearance for a very long time.

She went to watch the show with her bride and granddaughter, and got a make over that stunned everyone!

Watch the amazing transformations below:

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These women look amazing after their makeover, no? Click Like and share if you agree!


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